What colour should you pick for your new business


All that glitters is not gold … right? Well yes, right, but not in this case! Research shows that 92% of customers admit that visual appearance is the most persuasive marketing factor overall when purchasing a product or service. Even more so, 85% of them believe that colour is the biggest motivator when choosing between similar products.

Colour Palette

A brand colour palette is a crucial part of building a successful company identity. The tones you chose to represent your company in its logo, website design and more will help to subliminally define your key identifies that make you more recognizable to your followers and customers.

Your touchpoint

Consider this during your next meeting – what makes your first impression? It can be tough to view your marketing material objectively which is why having a fresh external set of eyes can help pull you out of the box that your industry defines you in.

Choosing the right colours

Did you know that some colour combinations have a better chance of landing you on the right desk? Colours influence how we feel and they affect our mood in a way that can likely engage us or entice us to steer in a different direction – one step closer for that client to touch base with you.

The technicalities

There is a 60%-30%-10% rule, which designers like to stick to which is a safe space for a company to be able to venture into new artwork, keeping the identity fresh with too many restrictions however stay on brand for several years.

Do it right

So many companies fall into the trap of have an amateur prepare their logo and marketing material, only to find themselves sending the wrong message to their clients, have difficulty representing themselves well during important pivot point of their business as well as struggle to rebrand from a logo which did not merge with their identity well in the first place, let alone derive a consequent logo from it.

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