Cheap logos are more expensive than you think


A logo looks like ‘just’ a picture to many and its sooo easy to be tempted to cut costs wherever possible. How difficult can it be to combine some lines and an illustration together? 10 mins of works tops, right? WRONG!

We don’t blame you for thinking that logos are cheap, some places offer this service for just $5, a quick Google search can show you that. But, we think there are some big downsides to buying a cheap logo. We’ll run you through them, but first, let’s go through the stages that UNGL Studio uses to create a logo.

Creating a Brief: We meet with the client to get to know them and the company. Talk through their requirements and what they envision the logo to look like.

Investigation: The designer goes away to research the client in more detail and examine what kind of requirements the industry calls for and conducts competitor analysis to position the company where the clients want it to be. We will take notes of successful logos, and evaluate why it works and how we can create a new logo that merges with the same level but also competes.

Idea Generation: We create rough concepts on paper and sketch the direction the logo is going to take. These are sometimes sent to the client to collect constructive feedback.

Mockups: The chosen sketches are digitised by the designer and further enhance the sketch with colour palettes and altering small details that shift the focus or the concept into different meanings. A selection considered as final options are completed and sent to the client.

Feedback: The designer sends s the designs to the client and allows a couple of days for the client to absorb and think about the design. A logo is the first touch point of the client, it might seem small but this step is a very important one.

Voila!: The designer concludes the logo with amendments from the client along with other files that a client will need in the future. The designer will also provide collateral as a request by the client to represent the company on stationery etc.

The Cheap Logo Design Mindset

When you commission a cheap logo, you are not creating a brand. Design should be viewed as an investment in your business and brand. The way your brand looks, feels, and communicates, can have a huge impact on your sales. Having a cheap logo will resonate with the kind of product or service you are offering and will only attract those kinds of clientele.

You’re only getting a logo

You’re not getting an idea of how to apply that logo in different settings. Ask yourself this, how does it look on business cards? On flyers? On the side of a van? On banners? Does it fit in the dimensions for the different social media channels?

The Expensive Logo Design Mindset

Many organisation feel like a logo creation is expensive. How much more do you think your one hit wonder will cost to rebrand all your material because 1 or 2 years down the line the logo does not work for your organisation anymore and you need to reprint reorder all your material?  You are not paying for a logo, you are paying for a brand.

A relationship with your designer

When you work with a professional agency one of the priorities is to learn and understand the ins and outs of your business and leave no stone unturned. A designer who is being paid to work on a cheap logo will not go the extra mile to learn about you, your business, or your business needs.

The Difference in Quality

Good design should be memorable, simple, versatile, appropriate and timeless. The perfect balance between those qualities will guarantee a well-designed logo that will stand the test of time.

In conclusion …

If you’re looking for your business to grow and be recognised for its qualities within its industry, then an agency is the way to do it. Investing in your brand shouldn’t be negotiated and the value of good design cannot be ignored.

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