Our professional team are not short of experts in cultivating and nurturing brands. The ultimate aim of a branding exercise should be that of connecting the brand to its culture. Branding is a problem-solving exercise which strikes a balance between what’s important and the aesthetical qualities of the brand - simply put it’s about creating a concept. There should be nothing complex about strong branding. With simplicity and diversity at the core of our philosophy, we can guarantee you will have the right person for the job.



Speaking about consistent branding, at UNGL Studio, we are firm believers of having consistent aesthetics to continuously instil the branding concept in people’s minds. We offer assistance to our clients so that designers are always available at their disposal for their design needs. Our experienced designers can handle your online design work, your international tradeshow presence as well as any publications that might come up. All the work will be 100% compliant with the direction given or the brand guidelines you honour.



Having an online presence truly captures the professionalism and value your company can offer to its clients. We can offer you web consultancy services that will help you build the website that is right for you, further integrating the marketing message your company wants to push to its partners and esteemed clients. Online consultations service include but are not limited to a website, mobile app, online banners, interactive design and many more!



While no job too big or too small, we understand that sometimes your print your first impression and first foot into your clients’ door. In fact, we cater for it all but above all, we cater to quality. Each signage is catered towards each individual client or company. Get your marketing noticed with our variety of material finishes, be it business cards or office signage or bespoke items of merchandise, we can take care of it all!



No one can afford to be left behind, in fact, 90% of our customers are online, more specifically on Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Building an online community requires a lot of ‘behind the scenes hours’ of hard work. Our team can help build and sustain your online audience by integrating your brand strategy together with your social media plans to create an online community of engaged followers. Let’s eliminate all the trying moments of your day and streamline your business into one consistent message and daily stories.

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