Your Designer Away from The Office


Did you ever consider outsourcing your design work, but find yourself conflicted with the idea of having a designer who is not under the same roof? The idea might seem daunting at first, but let’s have a look at some of the plus points this option can offer:

A Pool of Talents

Whatever your vision, a team of freelance designers has access to an endless network of people, which is more cost-effective than recruiting one person who tries to manage the different elements of a campaign. Outsourcing design projects gives space for your company to find new ways of inventiveness and originality in upcoming campaigns.

The Not So Human Element

A close second to a virtual designer, a freelance designer will always be available. One of our strongest suits is accountability – sick days and days of leave are things of the past! Don’t worry the team is not working 24/7, but due to the structure that our team works in, we can be flexible without hindering our work.


Due to the exposure to many different industries, as well as international exposure of different companies and attending design conferences, a freelance designer is constantly building knowledge and can think outside the box, or rather, outside the four walls of your office, bringing new ideas to the campaigns.

We Can Multitask

In 1 day, we will touch on many projects. Our day can start with a billboard design, then a digital campaign and finish off with designing packaging. Our multitasking will keep your projects creative and alive!

We Make Time Efficiency Work for You

You will always get the bang for your buck – one of our top priorities is managing our time efficiently. You will always have secured hours depending on what was required upon signing the contract. You can also book extra hours in busier months. Oh, and don’t worry about confidentiality, all your work will be safely secured by a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

In the end, your goal is our goal, your success is a direct reflection on our work –
and it doesn’t get more personal than that!

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