5 reasons your business needs a website – by yesterday


In this day and age, all businesses – big and small – have a lot to gain from a well-designed website.

But how necessary is it to invest in a website, particularly in the wake of social media marketing? Isn’t a Facebook page enough?

We investigate this common misconception – backed up by the top 5 reasons we think you need a website ASAP.

It builds brand identity.

The exercise of building a website allows you to establish aspects of your brands more decisively.

It pushes you into answering certain questions that you otherwise wouldn’t have to – ultimately informing yourself (and as well as your clients) on your brand identity. This will help you in selling your brand in the long-term.

It’s a learning exercise – and a valuable one. Since selling the brand is arguably more important than selling the product, it will also be immensely profitable.

You are in control of your image.

The advent of social media means that your clients and third parties are free to publish anything about your business – good or bad.

Without a website to counteract and clarify, your brand becomes vulnerable to the second-hand opinion of others. Building a website which provides an image you control and communicates exactly what you want it to will provide a degree of protection.

You will get asked for it.

I’ve been there.

I’ve experienced the odd look on client’s faces when they ask for the company’s website, and my sketchy excuse for not having one up and ready or updated is never received well.

And it’s not getting any better. The more time passes, the more urgent your need for a solid online presence supported by a good website becomes.

You are expected to have a website, and not having one could mean losing out on business – and this brings us to our next point.

You will up your competitiveness.

Forget about being ahead of your competition: without a website, it’s a challenge to even stay on the same level with your more forward-thinking competitors.

By showing up on Google search results, having information accessible 24/7, as well as exhibiting your products and services while managing your brand identity, you become a more powerful competitor straight out of the box. Clients are simply more likely to choose you if your website is available and attractive.

It’s not that complicated.

Possibly the most important reason you should have a website is that it’s really not difficult to get one.

If you leave the job to a professional, you are guaranteed to have a decent website up and running with as little hassle as possible.

The trick here is to get in touch with designers and developers worth their salt. Drop us a line any time at [email protected].

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