The importance of social media stories


Instagram stories have surpassed Snapchat and boast 250 million daily active users when compare to Snapchats 166 million daily users. So now that we know where Stories land on the social media platform leader board … Here’s why you should be incorporating disappearing content in your content strategy ASAP!

Puts you in the limelight

This right here should be the sole reason for any company. Whenever a story is published, Instagram automatically channels it to the audience most inclined to enjoy this content and engage with it, your profile appears at the top of the screen with Instagram’s algorithm, which is every company’s dream IF you are using it correctly. You should definitely be posting to your stories on a regular basis to stay current in feeds and to increase your chances of being seen.

Tip: Instagram allows you to search for stories by hashtag and location so be sure to tag your stories to amplify your reach even more!

Diverse Content

One of the best things about stories is that they’re instantaneous. You can be really creative and experiment to find your style and niche within your industry with different themes, subjects and content. Additionally, you can also enhance your content with stickers, text and interactive features which offers endless possibilities for you to repurpose your content to remind your audience of an existing offer, or product that they shouldn’t miss out on.

It’s free marketing!

Whilst 24 hours may not seem as much, you can definitely use the 24-hour window to your advantage to promote a daily offer! Stories come at no extra expense which means that this feature can be used over and over again. The beauty of stories is that content is organised in a ‘flash news’ setup which truly is the beauty of it, as you don’t have to worry about cluttering your user’s feeds.

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