The Science of YOU – SitC Valletta 2019

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  • Science in the City
  • 27/09/2019

The Science in the City Festival

The Science in the City Festival is a yearly event that has been taking place since 2012. It is the first-ever science and arts festival to ever take place in Malta and has been expanding its activities ever since, in fact, its number of attendees has more than doubled to a total of 30,000. Each year a theme different is chosen for which a variety of scientific installations and activities are prepared to suit all ages and knowledge in the scientific field. The event allows the public to use the most recent technologies and instruments with the guidance of scientists, participation in experiments, competitions and quizzes, science demonstrations and simulations, engage in debates, and to chat with researchers.

The Project

The main objective for this project was to handle the Creative Direction to be able to give a seamless and efficient service to our client as well as their customers. A variety of online and offline initiatives were managed, including design, communications, and marketing services. The studio prepared infographic posters, the event program – which including a bespoke map of Valletta, designing information points as well as tags. It was imperative to maintain sci-fi futuristic elements to promote the scope of the event. The project also included a revamp of the Facebook page to reflect this year’s theme, together with an online advertising plan and Facebook events management. The Creative Direction was imperative to the project to be able to give the event the exposure it required whilst communicating the right message to hundreds of people in the Maltese Islands.

What is ‘The Science of YOU’?

This year’s theme was dedicated to ‘The Science of YOU’ which will help us learn how research impacts each one of us in our daily lives. The concept creation of this brand circles around the idea that anyone can be a scientist if you manage to see the value of the research. The brand communicates to a large target audience, basically the Maltese population to come together for a national event to celebrate a variety of information which might not be at available to everyone.

Photography by Nataniel Cutajar, Stephen Borg, Elisa Von Brockdorff, Monika Przybylek & Gianluca Vella.

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